This is an animation in The Sims 4 that you were unlikely to know about. Do the developers actually paying attention to detail?

You probably never paid attention to what was going on around your Sims’ house. And you might have noticed something really cool.

There’s a lot of talk in the Simmers community that Maxis no longer pays as much attention to detail as in previous installments of The Sims. There’s a bit of a point in that, as such Two is considered the queen when it comes to the multiplicity of any easter egg, animation or interaction, or even storyline.

The Sims 4, of course, has its own atmosphere, but it is no longer the same as it once was, according to players. While The Sims 4 still has its curiosities and secrets that many people still don’t know about, there are rather a negligible number of them. Still, sometimes it’s worth looking around to see what the latest installment of The Sims offers us.

You’ve probably never seen such a cute animation in The Sims 4

One Reddit user with the nickname Pameler showed off his new find in the Sims. Although TS4 doesn’t offer much when it comes to interesting details on the map, you can still be strongly surprised.

Until recently, many people didn’t even know there were cars driving around in the game. Not everyone was paying attention. Now it turns out that these cars even stop in some situations, rather than just driving blindly back and forth.

In some worlds, cars that traverse the road in a particular city stop to let a family of ducks cross the road. The author of the post admitted that he had never noticed this before, and so did the commenters on the post. The player reported that he had encountered such a situation in Windenburg, but it seems that such a thing can be seen in other worlds where there is a lake or some other river with ducks in it, for example.

It also turns out that if you place fucks into the lake, the smaller version of the animal will appear after some time, so all indications are that the creators are trying to make sure that the world is indeed “vibrant” and looks good. And such animations can be really charming and breathtaking.