Players have managed to arrange all the worlds from The Sims 4 on maps of the US, Europe and beyond

Where would the worlds from The Sims be located if they were arranged on a world map?

It is known that the locations and environments from The Sims are completely imaginary and are unlikely to have anything to do with the real world. Nevertheless, they are very often modeled after various locations around the world, especially when it comes to North America.

That’s why Simmers love to compare the game’s worlds to various locations in reality, such as the well-known example of Del Sol Valey, which is a definitive representation of Los Angeles in the US – especially since the setting is from the “Get Famous” expansion pack. Some are even trying to arrange worlds from TS4 onto a real-world map.

Where in the world would the environments from TS4 be located?

It is often the case that Simmers try to place all the environments in The Sims 4 based on the placement of roads, rivers, seas, or the type of environment terrain. This time a player tried to arrange individual locations from all parts of the game on a world map. According to him, most of the locations are in the US and Europe, but of course, there were places like Japan, China, and Mexico.

Of course, the player who created the map – DarthSyphils – is not infallible, so there were several points made of his work. The biggest comment was probably that Henford-on-Bagley could not be placed in Ireland, since many of the town’s characteristics come from typically English neighborhoods.

The same goes for the village of Takemizu from The Sims 2 – the name itself indicates that the village is located in Japan, especially since its features also point to that.

Of course, everything could be rethought, but some of the surroundings are not so obvious such as the Del Sol Valley or even Mount Korembi. Nevertheless, thanks to a map like this, you can imagine it all nicely and use this knowledge even in your gameplay.