Infants in The Sims 4 have “hidden” interactions with pets. The developers thought about it

Who would have expected that the developers would also think of unique interactions between infants and pets in TS4.

Infants were added to The Sims 4 only 2 weeks ago with a full update of the game 2 days before the release of the latest add-on – Growing Together. And while the update was meant to prepare the game for the new expansion, players of the basic version really received a lot of new features.

Infants are, of course, not all that went in with the latest major update, but they are a major part of it. And even though players have already been dealing with them for 2 weeks, some are still discovering new things about them.

Interactions between pets and babies

It is worth knowing that in order to do this, you need to have the Dogs and Cats add-on in your collection, which introduces the possibility of having pets in The Sims 4. Not everyone expected that infants would have such “expanded” interactions with dogs and cats, but as you can see, the developers even thought about it.

Players really like the new addition. Many people think that infants are really adorable, and, in general, any animation or interaction they have just adds to the cuteness. It turns out that pets are no different at all.

And it seems that the activities between cats and dogs and babies in The Sims 4 are not limited to stroking them or cuddling them, but can also… sleep with them. Or rather, next to them.

This is something that young children, the next age group after infants, can no longer do. So it turns out that infants have their own separate interactions specifically with animals.