It’s official – The Sims 5 has finally been announced. Early concepts, build mode, multiplayer

Just as everyone suspected, a brand new project, the fifth installment of the game, was announced on The Sims stream.

Yesterday, in line with recent high-profile announcements, The Sims 4 officially switched to a free-to-play model, meaning that the youngest generation of The Sims is now completely free for everyone to download as of yesterday. For EA and Maxis, this was a huge event for which they had been preparing hard.

For this reason, they organized a special livestream on YouTube and Twitch called Behind The Sims Summit, which was supposed to announce some important things, present the developers’ work on new ideas, and show some early concepts for the game.

As if that wasn’t enough, the entire event was hosted by a very well-known icon – Phoebe Robinson, who is a popular American comedian and writer for the New York Times.

The Sims 5 – it’s official. Early concepts and graphics

Yesterday’s stream was a very groundbreaking event not only for Simmers and other players but also for Maxis itself. Some very interesting things were presented during yesterday’s event, but it was the announcement of the already fifth installment of the popular simulation game that generated the most excitement in the community. In the end, this is what everyone was waiting for.

And they lived to see it. Project Rene, as this is the codename for the new installment of the game, was revealed at the very end of the livestream as the biggest news made that evening. One of the main designers of The Sims had the opportunity to announce the big news.



As if that wasn’t enough, some early concepts have been revealed for the new project, which appear to be truly out of this world. Several new tools were shown, which will allow you to create game elements in a completely different way than any previous installment of The Sims.


The color wheel, beloved by all Simmers, is to return, and furniture will be able to be modified in various ways, starting with changing the color and shape of a given item, and ending with decorating it with more ornaments, such as the sofa with cushions shown in the concept video.

It can be seen that the developers are going for great flexibility this time. There will be a new platform where players will be able to publish their creations while building and creating more spaces for the Sims. What’s more, players are also to get the opportunity to play with their friends. However, it is not known what specifically was involved.

In addition, it was announced that the new generation of the Sims is to be playable on both PCs and mobile devices.

The designer assures that the early concepts the developers decided to reveal yesterday are only a handful of what they are preparing. Maxis, in developing the next generation of The Sims, relies primarily on new possibilities, unfulfilled ideas and complete flexibility.