All the new traits from The Sims 4 High School Years. Desires, concerns, traits from rewards and CAS

The new expansion introduces some new personality traits for our Sims. What are they?

A few days have passed since the premiere of the new high school DLC. Many players have already read all the news that it introduces, but there are still people who are still thinking about buying it.

We’ve already had a look at all of the Build and Buy items recently, as well as CAS content, including clothes, hairstyles, etc. However, we’ll find a few more new items in Create Mode. It’s about traits, of course.

In this article, we’ll focus on all the latest CAS Traits, Reward Traits, and Concerns our Sims may receive.

All the new traits from TS4 High School Years


  • From CAS
  • These Sims tend to raise their skills faster and are happy when they finish work tasks but are a little harder to get along with as friends

Socially Awkward

  • From CAS
  • These Sims tend to struggle in social situations and build charisma more slowly, but gain powerful moodlets and sentiments when they are able to overcome their awkwardness and accompanying nervousness to form close friendships

Party Animal

  • From CAS
  • These Sims tend to enjoy parties and letting every other Sims know by hyping up a crowd and performing party tricks

Chess Master

  • From Reaching Captain Level of the Chess Team
  • Sim gains Logic skill faster

The Knowledge

  • From Entrepreneur Skill
  • Sims with this trait get salary boosts as well as more receptive responses when chatting with other Sims


  • From Completing the Goal Oriented Aspiration
  • Highflier Sims have the potential to be more successful, especially in business

Authentic Prankster

  • From Max Mischief Skill as a Teen
  • [Sim Name] has reached peak Mischievousness at such a young age that she can reap the reward. [Sim Name] can now continue Teen pranks even after growing up, no longer gets caught pranking, and has an easier time doing funny or mischief socials.

Cheer Champion

  • From Reaching Captain Level of the Cheer Team
  • Sim gains Fitness skill faster


  • From Completing the Admired Icon Aspiration
  • Iconic Sims are the ones everyone wants to follow. They’ve earned the admiration of their peers and can now set their sights anywhere on the world wide web.


  • From Completing the Live Fast Aspiration
  • Dauntless Sims always live life to the fullest and the Grim Reaper has a soft spot for dauntless pleas during matters of life and death. Risky fun sure has its perks.


  • From Completing the Drama Llama Aspiration
  • Untroubled Sims always bounce back. Being a Drama Llama an leave relationships rocky. Nothing says carefree like moving on and letting go.

Star Player

  • From Reaching Captain Level of the Football Team
  • Sim gains Fitness skill faster

L33T Hacker

  • From Reaching Captain Level of the Computer Team
  • Sim gains Programming skill faster

Death by Urban Myth

  • From Being Killed by an Urban Myth
  • [Sim Name] died from an Urban Myth. [Sim Name] did not believe in the rumours and paid the ultimate price. Everyone assumes [Sim Name] died from fear, but only [Sim Name] knows the truth.

Death by Stink Capsule

  • From Dying Due to a Stink Bomb Prank Backfire
  • [Sim Name] died in a Stink Capsule explosion. The fumes from the Stink Capsule were just too much for [Sim Name]. What a smelly way to go.


  • From Choosing a Teen Aspiration
  • Relatable Sims build friendly relationships with fellow teens faster

Fear of Disappointing Parents

  • From Acquiring a Fear
  • Oh no. What are they going to think? [Sim Name] will not be able to relax and will have difficult living up to his/her/their parents’ expectations

Fear of Homework

  • From Acquiring a Fear
  • [Sim Name] didn’t realize until now that homework is not just a suggestion but a requirement to get good grades and learn! [Sim Name] will occasionally tense up when thinking about finishing his/her/their homework.

Fear of Failing Classes

  • From Acquiring a Fear
  • [Sim Name] is feeling the pressure of passing his/her/their classes. [Sim Name] will occasionally have trouble focusing in class due to the pressure.

Fear of Failing Tests

  • From Acquiring a Fear
  • [Sim Name] does not want to fail another test! [Sim Name]’s test taking skills will be affected by his/her/their mood more than usual!

Fear of Failing After-School Activities

  • From Acquiring a Fear
  • [Sim Name] will occasionally relive their moment of failure and all of the emotions that came with it!

Graduated with Honours

  • From Graduating High School with High Grades
  • What an honour! [Sim Name] excelled in High School and will have a great start to career performance.

Earned Online High School Diploma

  • From Graduating High School Online
  • [Sim Name] has earned his/her/their High School Diploma online. He/She/They can once again join any career!

Expelled from High School

  • From Being Expelled
  • [Sim Name] has been expelled from High School. He/She/They won’t be able to return to High School but he/she/they can earn a diploma online to join certain careers.

Graduated High School Early

  • From Graduating Early Due to High Grades
  • [Sim Name] has graduated from High School early! What an overachiever! He’ll/She’ll/They’ll see some career boosts for it.

High School Dropout

  • From Dropping Out of High School
  • [Sim Name] dropped out of High School. Some careers may require a High School diploma but they will be unlocked if he/she/they complete(s) an online diploma available on a computer.


  • From Being Selected Valedictorian
  • Outstanding! [Sim Name] graduated top of his/her/their class. Starting a career will have a better career performance and a good looking starting pay.