A patch to fix the latest update has finally been released to The Sims 4. Unfortunately, not everything has been repeaired

Developers share information about the fixes of the last update.

The previous update of The Sims 4 can be considered a total flop. After its appearance in the game, players encountered countless bugs and everyone probably noticed something weird in their game at least once.

The last most serious problem, however, was a bug with the automatic aging of Sims, which the developers reported on an ongoing basis on social media. Now, apparently, the bug has been tamed and everything is back to normal. What else does the new patch in The Sims 4 fix?

Fixed bugs for the base game and two expansions

Hello Simmers!

We have a few additional fixes since our previous patch release. A big thank you to all you community members who helped us track down these issues and provided information through Answers HQ.

The Sims 4

  • Sims with a short or long Lifespan no longer become younger or age dramatically when leaving Create a Sim.
  • The “Ask to be Girlfriend/Boyfriend” Want now targets appropriate Sims.
  • Adult Sims no longer tag teens in flirtatious Social Bunny posts.
  • All available Sims now can be selected for travel even if they are currently not on the current lot.

Get Famous

  • Sims without Fame no longer occasionally appear to have it.

High School Years

  • Sims now can walk through the I Was a Teenage Garbage Artist pile of clutter.

As you can see, the developers managed to fix only a few, but most important bugs. There are still many smaller bugs and exploits in the game, but it is worth noting that the programmers dealt with the most important and painful ones in a week.