What Pokemon will we be available to get from Research Breakthrough in Pokemon GO in February?

What Pokemon will Pokemon GO players get for completing Daily Quests in February?

January is slowly coming to an end, the month that brought many interesting attractions to the game, including a complete novelty – the classic Community Day.

Of course, as in every month, the developers announced what will be available in the near future. February will be a period of interesting events, such as an event related to the Chinese New Year. There are also monthly attractions, such as the reward for collecting stamps as part of Research Breakthrough, Spotlight Hours, the return of the legendary Pokemon to raids, and so on.

Yesterday it was revealed who will be associated with Community Day in February. Today it’s time to announce the creature that can be obtained with stamps from Research Breakthrough.

Research Breakthrough reward in February

As a reminder: Research Breakthrough is a special reward that can be obtained by completing at least one daily task in Pokemon GO for seven days (“Field” tab).

It doesn’t matter what a specific quest is about (quests can be randomized when spinning a PokeStop and one is always assigned after midnight). After completing the task, the player receives a stamp, and for 7 stamps a package with a mysterious Pokemon.

According to the official announcement, in February, each Pokemon GO trainer will receive an Espurra for collecting seven stamps. It is a psychic type Pokemon from the Kalos region. Espurr evolves into Meowstic. The appearance of the evolution varies depending on the Pokemon’s gender.

The creature was introduced in generation VI.

Comparison of the regular and shiny versions:

Meowstic (male)

Meowstic (female)

Stats, counters, and best attacks

Pokemon is vulnerable to bug, ghost, and dark attacks (160%), as well as resistant to fight and psychic attacks (63%).

Its base stats are as follows:

  • Attack: 120
  • Defense: 114
  • Stamina: 158

The maximum CP at account level 40 is 1,259.