The fourth January box in Pokemon GO. What will the players find inside? Until when can you get it?

Another January package with items has appeared in the game.

The first of the year and the first ever Community Day Classic took place on Saturday. Players from all over the world could catch a huge number of Bulbasaurs, including, of course, the shiny version.

Currently, the Power Plant event, which began on January 19, is taking place in Pokemon GO. On this occasion, many attractions appeared in the game, including a completely new type of Pokemon and new opponents in raids (more about the event can be found here: A preview of a new event in Pokemon GO – Power Plant. What do you need to know?).

The new events are a great opportunity to use items and Remote Raid Passes that can be picked up almost for free from weekly boxes. What’s available this week?

The third January box in Pokemon GO

Boxes in 2022, like those from the previous year, are not completely free, but there is nothing to worry about – the price is so low that most players can afford to buy such a package. What is in the box this time and by when will it be available?

From January 14 (Monday) to January 31, 2022, you can pick up an event, disposable box for the price of 1 PokeCoin in the in-game store, which includes:

  • 5 x Razz Berry,
  • 15 x PokeBall,
  • 1 x Remote Raid Pass.

It is worth recalling that from today (January 24) Regice will be the opponent in 5-star raids. It is the legendary ice-type creature introduced in generation III. Regice is vulnerable to fighting, rock, steel, and fire attacks and resistant to ice attacks. It will be possible to fight it until February 1, 2022.

Tomorrow will be the last Spotlight Hour this month. On January 25, 2022, the last thematic hour of the month will be related to Minun, and for transferring creatures you will receive twice as many candies.