Minus PokeCoins in Pokemon GO? One of the players showed that it was possible

One of the Pokemon GO players showed a rather unusual number of PokeCoins on his account.

PokeCoins is the in-game currency of Pokemon GO. You can buy a variety of items with them, from extra space in your backpack to cosmetic items, stickers, additional incubators, PokeBalls, and more. It is possible to play without spending PokeCoins, but it is definitely more difficult and tedious. The basic backpack space is quite limited, as is the maximum number of Pokémon you have.

Fortunately, it’s not as bad as it may seem. PokeCoins can be earned without spending real money, but you have to be patient because their daily limit is 50. There are many players who did not spend even a cent on the game but accumulated large sums of premium currency by consistently getting it every day.

While a large number of PokeCoins is not so shocking, hardly anyone has ever encountered a situation in which the counter in the store would show negative values.

One player “bragged about” how poor he was and showed the others that he had negative PokeCoins on his account.

Minus PokeCoins in Pokemon GO

A player with the nickname Dedoorath uploaded photos taken with one of his phones to the Internet. On one of them, he played Pokemon GO and noticed that his account has a negative amount of PokeCoins.

He found the sight quite amusing, so he shared it with the rest of the community. The player signed the photos as follows:

Umm I think I’m poor

Commentators wondered how it was even possible that someone had such a strange number of premium currency. Some have taken this to be a simple mistake. Others have stated that this most likely happened because the player revoked PokeCoin purchases in their account. The game returned the money spent and withdrew the purchased currency. Probably something was bought in the meantime, which made the number of Coins on the account look so unusual after the process.