What Pokemon will be available for Research Breakthrough in Pokemon GO in June?

What Pokemon will Pokemon GO players receive for completing daily tasks in June?

The current season in Pokemon GO is coming to an end and a new one called Hidden Gems is about to begin. Its launch will take place as early as June 1, 2023, which is Thursday. The change of season means the introduction of many new features, including, of course, themed events. However, that’s not all.

As some people may be familiar with, Research Breakthrough rewards have been operating a bit differently for a few months now. There is no specific Pokémon that one gets for collecting 7 stamps, as was the case last year.

Now the pool of creatures is adjusted for the season, and as a result, from June 1, what Pokemon you can get will be changed. What does the new list look like?

Research Breakthrough rewards in June

As a reminder: Research Breakthrough is a special reward that can be received for completing a minimum of one quest per day in Pokemon GO (the “Field” tab) every day for seven days.

It doesn’t matter what the specific quest is about (quests can be drawn at the turn of the PokeStop and one is always assigned after midnight). After completing the quest, the player receives a stamp, and for 7 stamps a packet of mystery Pokemon.

Starting December 1, 2022, Research Breakthrough rewards look a little different. A given month is not tied to a specific Pokémon, instead, players can get their hands on one of several creatures that are available at a given time.

In the new season of Hidden Gems, that is, from June 1 to September 1, 2023, for collecting daily stamps, it will be possible to get:

  • Sableye,
  • Beldum,
  • Audino,
  • Furfrou in its natural form,
  • Goomy,
  • Noibat.

Except for Goomy, each of the aforementioned creatures can appear in a shiny version.