What Pokemon will be available for Research Breakthrough in Pokemon GO in April?

What Pokemon will Pokemon GO players receive for completing daily tasks in April?

April is about to start, so many Pokemon GO fans are wondering what attractions will hit the game this particular month. Some of the information has already been revealed, so the community knows, among other things, who will be the protagonists of April’s Community Day.

Now it’s time for a reminder of what creatures will be available as part of the Research Breakthrough next month and beyond. Their list will remain current until June 1, 2023.

Research Breakthrough reward in April

As a reminder: Research Breakthrough is a special reward that can be received for completing a minimum of one quest per day in Pokemon GO (the “Field” tab) every day for seven days.

It doesn’t matter what the specific quest is about (quests can be drawn at the turn of the PokeStop and one is always assigned after midnight). After completing the quest, the player receives a stamp, and for 7 stamps a packet of mystery Pokemon.

Starting December 1, 2022, Research Breakthrough rewards look a little different. A given month is not tied to a specific Pokémon, instead, players can get one of several creatures that are available at a given time.

From March 1 to June 1, 2023, it will be possible to get these Pokemon:

  • Parasect,
  • Pinsir,
  • Snorlax,
  • Gible,
  • Furfrou in natural form,
  • Goomy.

Except for Goomy and Parasect, each of the above-mentioned creatures can appear in a shiny version.