Creepy graphics bug in Pokemon GO – “I almost sh*tted my pants!”

One player has come across a truly disturbing graphics bug in the title from Niantic.

The Pokemon GO community is eager to catch any bugs and glitches in their favorite title. When a new glitch appears, players immediately report it on Reddit, among other places. As you know, popular titles are not free of bugs, and these sometimes appear at the least expected moment.

The latest bug is related to a member of Team GO Rocket, whose bugged face horrified one player. As this one admitted on Reddit – he “almost sh**ed his pants” when he saw Grunt’s terrifying face.

Grunt’s creepy look from Team GO Rocket

A Reddit user nicknamed Legitimate_Chemist94 published a post in which he posted a creepy image of a Team GO Rocket member. Instead of the usual model, the screen of his phone showed a heavily bugged face staring at him with bugged-out eyes.

The author of the post admitted that the sight really freaked him out, and. In the comments, it was joked that the player should run away from this member of Team GO Rocket, as his gaze suggests that he “wants to eat all his Pokemons.”

Of course, there have been many other jokes, including ones about Giovanni mistreating his employees, causing them to start looking like the one pictured above.

It is not known what caused the described bug, but it is worth recalling that this is not the first time that the faces of Pokemon GO characters look really scary.