One player’s motivating story. Pokemon GO changed his life for the better

One Pokemon GO fan has shared the story of how he lost weight thanks to playing the title from Niantic.

It has not been known for a long time that Pokemon GO is not only a mobile game for fans of the series about pocket creatures, but also something that has motivated people from all over the world to be physically active for years. Many people have become interested in regular walking precisely because of the title from Niantic. Already not long after the game’s release, almost 7 years ago, one could read on the web many stories of players who changed their lives and changed their old habits.

Today there is such a story again, which was published on Reddit in recent days. Another fan reported that the mobile game from Niantic has strongly improved his health and made him like himself again.

Losing weight with Pokemon GO

The community of the aforementioned game really likes motivational stories about how someone has improved their life and introduced more physical activity into it. These types of posts quickly get a lot of attention, because according to fans they are simply “wholesome” and it’s worth reading something like this from time to time to get away from the mass of unpleasant information from the web.

The latest story was written by a Reddit user with the nickname FarTransportation376. The very title of the post informs that Pokemon GO has helped him lose weight and he is truly grateful to the developers for the said game.

The player wrote that during his education he gained 60 pounds (about 27 kilograms), which negatively affected his self-esteem. He recognized that he simply looked bad, which made him very depressed.

I was not very large, but I had put on over 60 pounds since graduating and had been feeling bad about my appearance. Working out at the gym, I didn’t do cardio because I hated running or walking, so I don’t see any improvements.

However, when I redownloaded the app, I found my motivation. As sad as that may be, I started walking more every day to hatch the eggs and get candies with my buddy. From 25k the first few days to a minimum of 60km a week, I started walking around my town. This, coupled with the gym and my eating habits, brought me back down under 200 lbs and I feel so much better.

Thank you all for being motivation to move around, participate in raids, and try to keep up with your achievements!! I’ll keep this weight loss going and hopefully be fully back to where I want to be:)