This married couple playing Pokemon GO is celebrating their birthdays in an interesting way. A really cute idea

A couple shared a rather interesting tradition they have been practicing for three years. What exactly do they do?

Pokemon GO fans are a very creative group who like to approach their favorite title in interesting ways. It’s not uncommon to hear of players arranging creatures in Gyms to match colors or form funny groups, e.g. A Pokemon GO player came across cute and defenseless opponents on one of the Gyms. “I can’t fight them”.

There was no shortage of people who came up with the idea of leaving real-life souvenirs at the site of PokeStops and even created physical PokeStops that could be spinned.

Gamers also like situations where whole families play a title from Niantic together and go out together to explore new species.

This time, an adorable post by a married couple appeared online, who decided that they would celebrate their birthdays while playing Pokemon GO. How exactly did they do it?

A birthday tradition in Pokemon GO

A post appeared on Pokemon GO’s Reddit, in which a woman explained that she and her husband have been celebrating their birthdays in Pokemon GO for the past 3 years.

The user wrote that on her birthday they took a walk together around the city to place specific creatures in nearby Gyms. Which ones? It was about all the specimens that have birthday caps.

She posted the effects of the birthday walk on Reddit.

The post quickly became very popular and received more than 6,000 positive reactions and more than a hundred comments. Players said the idea was incredibly cute. There was no shortage of good wishes for the birthday girl and statements that this way of celebrating birthdays is very cool and that more than one person will celebrate their own holidays this way from now on.