Pokemon GO players would like this feature to have no limits. Is this a good idea?

The topic of trades with lucky friends has returned. Many Pokemon GO fans are complaining about the distance limitations when trading with other players.

The game from Niantic offers various possibilities when it comes to interaction between players. One of them, of course, is the exchange of creatures, which makes it possible to receive lucky specimens. Friends, to whom gifts are sent regularly, also gain certain bonuses, such as cheaper exchanges or higher damage during joint raid fights.

This is where a problem arises. Many people have friends from different cities or even countries, so meeting in person is not possible (or is very difficult). If two such players gain “lucky friends” status, they will not be able to use it, because Pokemon GO limits exchanges to a certain distance. According to many fans, such limits should be removed.

No distance limit on trades?

The topic of distance limit during exchanges has resurfaced on Pokemon GO’s Reddit. One user felt that this type of feature should have no limit if it applies to friends with lucky friends status.

After the rapid increase in popularity of the post, it is clear that very many players have the same opinion. In the comments, you can read that for more than a few people, the distance limit during exchanges is the biggest problem of Pokemon GO.

Trade distance is my biggest complaint about this game. You can battle someone on the GBL from anywhere, but can only trade with someone a measly 100 meters away.

There was no shortage of opinions that touched on the social aspect and the fact that the title from Niantic is supposed to encourage players to leave home. Some argue that unlimited exchanges would not be a good thing, as it would make the community lazy.

Some commenters disagreed with this argument, saying that the ability to fight with any player in the world or remote raids did not make Pokemon GO fans stop leaving home. It was repeatedly stressed that unlimited exchanges would only be for friends who have “lucky friends” status, yet it takes a lot of work and time to get it.