Pokemon GO players miss this gameplay element. You don’t get it for free anymore

The Pokemon GO community regrets that Niantic is no longer giving away free Remote Raid Passes.

Due to the difficult situation in the world related to the virus, the creators of Pokemon GO have changed a lot in the bonuses and items in the game. Attractions or events have been made easier to enjoy without leaving home. Niantic introduced a lot of interesting facilities, as well as packs that were practically free.

Some time passed and the old bonuses slowly ended and standard events began to enter the game. There is nothing wrong with them and many players are happy with the current state of the game. However, there are those who greatly miss the weekly packs for a token PokeCoin, which gave various items, including Remote Raid Passes.

Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon GO

One Reddit user, BallisticFrostbite, shared a post saying that he misses the free Remote Raid Passes that could be picked up in the past.

Maybe it’s just me? But remote raid passes made doing raids so much more easier and I’m still disappointed they tossed out the free remote raid passes.

Due to complications I can’t go out and raid myself often so having remote passes was nice. I’m aware I can buy them but it still feels a

It also sucks because I can’t help out my PokeGo friends when they invite me to raids.

The post gained considerable popularity and dozens of people responded to it. Among the comments you can find many players who fully agree with the author of the post.

Me too, and it sucks because even when you do actually want to raid, there’s usually nobody else joining it anymore. Back when there were free remote raid passes and the cost was cheaper, if you started the timer on a raid you’d normally get at least a couple of randoms join in, or you’d stumble across a group remotely hitting up each of the local gyms during legendary raid hour.

For players in smaller towns it was the only way you’d get a large enough group together for the higher level raids.

So now the remote passes are not only more expensive, with fewer people using them they’re less fun/useful too.

Unfortunately, getting used to the extra bonuses and packages was not difficult. Now that they have been withdrawn, many players miss them a lot. However, there is nothing left to do but accept the fact that the game is changing all the time and now Niantic offers other attractions.