A Pokemon GO player encountered a bug that made it impossible to catch any creatures

One Pokemon GO fan encountered a strange bug that made all the Pokemon he met run away from him.

There is nothing more annoying than creatures running away in Pokemon GO. It’s not uncommon for players to sacrifice masses of PokeBalls or fruit to catch the coveted specimen, and it eventually escapes anyway. Nothing can be done then – you have to accept defeat.

Some people are frustrated by the fact that in Pokemon GO every wild occurring creature has a certain percentage chance of escaping capture. It doesn’t have to be any unique species, even the most ordinary Bidoof, Rattata, or Pidove can jump out of a PokeBall and disappear from the screen. It all depends on the RNG and whether the player in question is lucky.

One Reddit user, unfortunately, didn’t have it, as every Pokemon he encountered ran away before being caught. The player didn’t know what had happened, so he informed the rest of the community about it.

A strange bug or just not being lucky?

Niantic has introduced various restrictions into the game, which cause a message about moving too fast when cycling or driving – after this information, catching nearby creatures is impossible, as they will always run away. Sometimes, however, the message appears as a result of a GPS error. The player who sees it is not driving at all but still has difficulty catching Pokemons.

A Reddit user – Formanz – shared his bad luck with the game’s community. For 10 minutes of walking, the player watched the escape of every Pokemon he encountered.

In the comments, it was suggested that perhaps the author of the post was moving a car, biking or simply cheating and does not want to admit it.

The author wrote a brief correction:

Info for newcomers so same comments won’t be necessary: I was walking on my foot to vote on our Czech regional elections (probably 200 meters – 600′). Never thought of using my phone while driving – super irresponsible! I am not a cheater, just a guy who wants to catch ’em all and plays 20 minutes a day.

Since it is really unlikely that the player was so unlucky that literally all the creatures he encountered escaped him, the community looked for another explanation. It was determined that it was most likely a well-known GPS glitch, which makes the game think that a person is moving much faster than in reality.

This often happens when the user starts the game after traveling by car or bus. However, the author of the post claimed that he did not turn on the app while driving in the car, and only occasionally launched it on the train or bus.

Fortunately, the problem subsided after several minutes, but the distaste remains, as the player nevertheless lost a lot of PokeBalls and fruit to catch at least one Pokémon while walking.