Pokemon GO players have written what they would most like to change about the game. What comes up most often?

The community has spoken out about what they think should change in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is constantly evolving. Developers are adding new features, events, a mass of new creatures and more. Not all changes please players, and sometimes it happens that fans regret that a certain solution was introduced at all.

It’s also not uncommon for players to ask for features that aren’t in the game, and this doesn’t promise to change. What do Pokemon GO fans need most? What do they think would strongly enhance gameplay satisfaction? Here are some of the most interesting suggestions.

Changes in Pokemon GO

There was a thread on Reddit related to the game, in which one fan asked the community what they would like to change in their favorite title.

The question was answered about 1,500 times, so it’s safe to say that there’s plenty to choose from. The entry became very popular, and you can see from the comments of users that they took it quite seriously. Many commenters gave suggestions that they think would improve the game, and sometimes they are surprised that Niantic has not yet introduced it.

One player wrote:

Remove distance trade restrictions with lucky friends

Another fan stated:

I really want there to be normal spawns again. I don’t like seeing the same Pokémon for 4 months straight. I want it to be possible to find a wild dragonite and be happy about it and not just be like wow another one.

Interestingly, many players agreed with the idea, and the comment itself garnered more than 500 votes. The community admitted that it is beginning to miss the “ordinary” creatures, which a few years ago were everywhere. Some wrote that it had been a long time since they had seen the Rattata or Pidgey that everyone knew.

Being a able to skip animations for catching, evolving, PVP, the Rockets monologues, all that crap.

Absolutely. I had lined up a bunch to evolve after popping a lucky egg, and staring at a 20 second long white screen animation for each and every one got old fast.

A lot of people have written about the possibility of removing eggs from their inventory because they are fed up with the constant 2K eggs taking up space in their backpack. The topic of removing eggs has been raised many times.

There were also comments about the weekly boxes for 1 PokeCoin, which always included a Remote Raid Pass. This is really missed by many players. For some time now, fans have been asking Niantic to make this small addition appear in the store again.

One comment suggested:

When you spin a stop and your bag is full, you still get gifts and stardust.

ESPECIALLY research tasks. It do damn hard and annoying to farm specific tasks when you bag is full

Another player complained about the constant screens of information that appear every time he enters the game:

Can we just opt out of the “info” screens for everything?

“Be careful” every time you log in.

“You are entering the battle league” every time you enter the battle league.

Like… I know. I have run this app thousands of times. Maybe just maybe I am aware pressing “Battle” brings you to battling by now?

There were, of course, many more suggestions. Players asked for an increase in the daily limit of PokeCoins, the introduction of new hairstyles for characters, the addition of more interesting rewards and tasks during events, and much more.