Field Research list in Pokemon GO in May. What rewards can you get this time?

What can you get for completing Field Research tasks in Pokemon GO in May?

May, the final month of the current season in Pokemon GO – Rising Heroes, has begun. Spring is already in full force, so many players are going out for longer walks to enjoy the good weather. Not surprisingly, quite a few people are waiting for more event announcements to have fun with the game from Niantic outdoors.

Recently, May attractions were announced, such as the schedule of Legendary and Mega Raids, Spotlight Hours, or what Pokemon can be obtained as part of the Research Breakthrough.

It’s time to announce more things for this year’s May – this time Field Research. What creatures will you be able to get for completing this type of task in the current month? Here’s the breakdown.

Field Research in May

To begin with, it is worth reminding what Field Research is. It is a type of task that is drawn after spinning a PokeStop. You can get one such task per day from a specific PokeStop. The tasks are the same for all trainers on a given day.

So what does the schedule of Field Research tasks that will be available in May look like? One player has prepared a graphic showing the roster of Pokémon that will appear in the aforementioned tasks in the current month.

As you can see, the current month will offer players many interesting rewards.