An animated loading screen in Pokemon GO? Why not. A great fan project by one of the players

A fan of the game from Niantic has created animated graphics that greet players when they turn on the app.

Animated loading screens are well-known in many games. Certainly, some people are well acquainted with them from League of Legends, where for years they appeared on the occasion of new events or hero launches. After some time, the creators abandoned this solution, so the tradition was continued by players creating their own animations, which were often of the same high level as those from Riot Games.

Of course, League of Legends is not the only example of a game with such a solution. Fans of many titles have learned to create spectacular animated loading/log-in screens from official graphics provided by the developers.

This was also the case this time. One Pokemon GO player decided that he would animate the image that appears when the app is turned on. How did they do?

Animated loading screen

A Reddit user named Rakhara published a post showing a fan-made animation of the game’s loading screen. His work quickly gained immense popularity and captivated the rest of the community.

Some commenters thought the animation looked like an official part of Pokemon GO or some kind of announcement of new content or the next season. Others were surprised that Niantic hadn’t introduced something like this a long time ago.


There is little chance that Pokemon GO developers will introduce something like this in their title, as it would require more work to add something that many fans only watch for a split second (or don’t pay attention to at all).

On the other hand, Niantic has been developing its previews and trailers all the time. For some time now, the game’s official website has been showing animated headlines for articles, including information about Community Days or new items for avatars, among others.