According to some, this was the golden era of Pokemon GO. Why? Will this period still return?

When did the game from Niantic have its heyday? What had the greatest impact on it?

Pokemon GO has been on the market since July 6, 2016, so in 2023 it will celebrate its 7th birthday. During this time, the game scored various ups and downs and had worse and better moments, which is completely normal in this industry.

According to the community, the best time of the title about pocket creatures is over and will probably never return. Why?

The golden era of Pokemon GO

It turns out that, according to some fans, the biggest influence on the game’s heyday was the 2019/2020 pandemic. And while some will find this hard to believe – it’s been more than 3 years since these events.

Why would something like this help Pokemon GO so much, when the game was associated with going out? It would seem that the restrictions on human contact would severely weaken the popularity of the title from Niantic. However, this has not been the case.

During the most difficult period, when many fans had to stay in their apartments, the developers introduced a lot of bonuses and facilities that were supposed to remodel the game to adapt to the world situation. This turned out to be a hit, as devoted Pokemon GO fans still had something to do, and new players were attracted to the title.

One fan recently recalled the days of the Pandemic and noted that it was then that Pokemon GO was the most fun. He shared his thoughts on Reddit, where, as it turned out, hundreds of players supported his opinion.

Pandemic era was peak Pokemon Go. I find it quite ironic how I had the most fun with a game like Pokemon Go during the lockdown.

The way Niantic handled everything was just simply amazing. Everything they introduced: reach distance buff, remote raids, especially the events. I mean who remembers the Kanto-Sinnoh challenge, and even the Jessie and James rocket event.

I’m not ashamed to admit it really brought me a lot of joy in the time of the pandemic. And I will always be grateful to Niantic for that.

Now the game just seems like a shell of its former self. Everything they introduced that the people enjoyed were either reverted or monetized to a fault. It’s sad, honestly.

According to many gamers, the glory days of Pokemon GO are gone with the end of the global threat. Although who knows, maybe someday there will be a situation that will make the developers make decisions as good as they did then.