A new feature in Pokemon GO – an album with cards from friends. When will it be available? How to use it?

The creators of Pokemon GO have announced that there will be something completely new in the game, which will be related to the friends system.

The friend system is an integral part of Niantic’s game. Players from all over the world can add their profiles to friends and send gifts. Of course, this is not the only function of the friends list, because friends also help during raids, and each new level of friendship gives both sides valuable bonuses.

As every Pokemon GO player knows, a gift for a friend is accompanied by a card/postcard that you get from PokeStops and Gyms. Anyone who wants to can attach another sticker of their choice. With the help of a postcard, you can show your friends what places you visited on a given day, where you were on vacation, or simply what a city or country looks like, if your friend lives, for example, in another hemisphere.

Unfortunately, so far the gift cards have been lost and it was impossible to see them again. It turns out that this is about to change.

New feature – album for cards from friends

In the latest entry from Niantic you can read that the creators of Pokemon GO have prepared something completely new for players.

This holiday season, we’re excited to introduce the Postcard Book! Whenever a Trainer sends a gift, a postcard from that location is also attached based on the Pokéstop location that gift was from. Ever wanted to save memories from locations that you or your friends visited? You’ll soon be able to do just that by pinning Postcards to your Postcard Book.

The new feature will be available at the beginning of the Pokemon GO Holidays event on December 16, 2021.

Get gifting this holiday season, and collect Postcards from your friends and family!

The postcard book can be accessed through the player profile or through the item backpack.

Cards with gifts from friends can be pinned by clicking the pin icon.

You can also save cards with your own gifts. It is enough to view the collected cards in the backpack and press the “save” button with the selected one.

You can sort postcards by the date they were received.

You can also sort them by who sent them.

To see from whom you got a specific postcard and the date of its receipt, just click on it.

Cards can be removed from the album. Just select one of them and use the “delete” option.

Additionally, you can choose whether the account name should be displayed in other players’ albums.

The new feature is quite interesting. Some players focus on making the cards they send represent something interesting. Saving them will definitely be a great souvenir.