Information and interesting facts that you should know about the latest Pokemon that went to Pokemon GO

What is worth knowing about the latest creature introducet to Pokemon GO?

Currently, an event called Dragonspiral Descent is underway in Pokemon GO. On this occasion, a lot of interesting attractions appeared in the game (see: The Dragonspiral Descent event in Pokemon GO. New Pokemon debut, and more). What’s more, along with the event, the creators introduced a completely new creature to the game, and it is a dragon from Generation V. Probably some people have already seen him in the game, because you can get it, among others, from raids or a collector’s challenge.

What is worth knowing about Druddigon?

Druddigon in Pokemon GO

As probably some people read in the previous article, Druddigon is a dragon type Pokemon and was introduced in Generation V. Due to its type, this creature is vulnerable to ice, dragon, and fairy damage (160%) and resistant to fire, water attacks, grass and electric (63%).

Druddigon has no evolution. Its shiny version can be obtained. Comparison of the basic appearance with the shiny version:

The base Pokemon stats are as follows:

  • Attack – 213
  • Defense – 170
  • Stamina – 184

The maximum CP at level 40 is 2,732.

The creature’s strongest attacks are Dragon Tail (quick attack) and Dragon Claw (charge attack). Both are dragon type.

Druddigon is a large blue dragon. His red head is harder than rock. This creature is known for his spite and cunning. His design appears to be based on the red-headed agama, a lizard that has a blue body and an orange-red head.

If this Pokemon’s body temperature drops, it becomes motionless. This ability to immobilize in cold weather is like gargoyles that turn to stone under certain conditions.

The Japanese name for Pokemon is Crimgan. Crimgan can be a combination of the words crimson (scarlet, crimson) and 顔 gan (face) or 岩 gan (rock).