When will Winter Wonderland 2021 come to Overwatch? A lot and little is happening at the same time

Overwatch, a game with so much and so little happening at the same time lately.

Everyone expected the Winter Wonderland to start today. Blizzard, however, said it needs to postpone its plans for a few days. “Those few days” means only 48 hours.

Today, the official social media confirms that the event will start on Thursday. Blizzard never tells you the time, but usually, if not always it’s 2:00 PM ET.

Event announcement and more

Orissa and D.Va are visible in the announcement. Potentially these characters will receive skins.


Zenofy, a person working with OWL teams, creating advanced graphics and concepts, also reminded us of a very interesting thing:

Could it be a bull’s eye? We’ll find out about it on Thursday. By the way – you can already download the upcoming patch.

What else was going on?

Apart from the strikes, which the media are afraid to write about, so as not to accidentally lose contact with Blizzard, the studio also announced the Reaper’s plot:

There is also a teaser for “The Art of Overwatch Volume 2” where players will be able to immerse themselves in the artistic part of the game. The trailer is also not just any, because it shows the concepts of Brigitte.


In theory, you could say that something is actually happening there, but in Overwatch, we are at a stage where the community simply wants more specific information and announcements. Of course, shedding light on the Reaper’s storyline is exciting, as can be seen from the community comments on Reddit, but everyone is already waiting for OW2.