Overwatch players don’t want to wait for Blizzard and create a Winter Wonderland skin showcase

The Overwatch community is incredibly creative, as players have confirmed over and over again.

Overwatch skin concepts appear daily, and most of the community has already “grown out of it”. This time, however, the work is so good that it appeared as a leak in many places.

The work comes from someone who works closely with the Overwatch League and one of the league’s teams. It is also worth mentioning a few other graphics here that may have caused some confusion, especially in the media like TikTok.

A leak that is not a leak

How to create a leak? It is enough to take a photo with a phone, theoretically, from hiding, and this is usually enough. In this case, “Zenofy”, the creator of the entire skin, made not only the skin but also its presentation.


It looks good enough that the project spread quickly on the Internet, getting more than 30,000 views on Twitter from the NYXL team. And this is a really good result, just add a not very accurate recording to it and you get a “leak”.

It was the same with Zenofa’s other works, which appeared either on Reddit or Twitter. Leak material for the mobile version of Overwatch? There it is:


Overwatch 2 revised UI leak?


Today it’s incredibly easy to mislead players, especially if the artists are so skilled. The only thing left is to be glad that people still have the desire to create concepts.

Publication of concepts will not be a permanent element of Exrode, because it is no longer 2016, but it is definitely worth showing what the community has to offer. Especially since in some cases, they can be taken as leaks. It is worth remembering that not everyone follows OV every day and when they get the presentation on TikTok, some people may believe it.