Blizzard quietly added new conversations between Moira and other Overwatch heroes

Players have noticed that Blizzard has probably recently added new dialogue lines closely related to Moira.

In this case, it is difficult to verify the information that these are completely new lines. They may have been added a few days ago, or they may have been in the game for a few weeks. For this, we have to rely on a Reddit user with the nickname “Spktra”.

It was he who brought the community’s attention to potentially new lines regarding Moira. This is not something that changes the gameplay dramatically, but it is definitely worth listening to what the heroes have to say.


Moira’s new lines

Conversations between characters are an inherent part of Overwatch, which, while not very big, can be quite important. It allows you to find out in what relationships the characters are in, without even delving too much into the plot.


The creator of the thread itself has created a summary of his thoughts on these lines. This can be an interesting treat for people who like the story of Overwatch and are deeply involved in the world created by Blizzard.


It is interesting that Blizzard decided to add new lines out of nowhere. It is possible that this was done on the occasion of the changes with Cassidy, the former McCree. The only question is why and why now, and not for the premiere of Overwatch 2?

Normally everyone would be looking for a hidden meaning in this, maybe an update of the characters whose dialogues appear, but in 2021 and Blizzard’s approach it could just mean that something was “on the shelf” and it was just added now that it was ready.