Soe was in a serious car accident. Nothing happened to her, the car is completely wiped out

Soe, one of the most recognizable people in the Overwatch world, had a car accident.

There are a few people in the world of Overwatch who are easily recognized, regardless of whether someone followed the esports scene or not. Soe is definitely one of them, she was present at the most important events for OV.

The caster on her official Twitter profile informed that she was in the hospital, nothing happened to her, and the cars involved in an accident or a collision (it is still unknown what happened) were completely destroyed.

Fortunately, nothing happened

On social media related to Overwatch, there was a lot of talk about the accident/collision in which Soe was involved.

Almost immediately there were a lot of words of support, offers of help. You can see that the Overwatch community and the whole world in general, whatever it may be, is very close.

Soe is sure to be greeted very loudly when she returns to the world of Overwatch.