What does Overwatch’s Temple of Anubis look like when transferred to Unreal Engine 5? Potential without the soul

Overwatch has its own unique atmosphere, which is due to, among other things, the visual setting. What if you change it a bit?

When creating Overwatch, Blizzard clearly focused on its engine. This has as many advantages as it has a lot of disadvantages. The developers were not able to introduce new and needed features as quickly as the players wanted.

On the other hand, its own engine gives Blizzard great independence and the ability to create unique elements or mechanics that would be quite difficult to recreate, for example, on Unreal Engine – or at least the developers believe in this version.

Temple of Anubis on Unreal Engine 5

There is no doubt that Overwatch has gained such popularity not only due to its interesting characters, innovative approach to the subject of hero shooters, but also the graphics that are in some way unique, adapted to young and older people alike.

What if you switched Overwatch to the Unreal Engine, with a slightly more “standard” look for maps? OW would lose its uniqueness while gaining realism. The transfer was handled by one of the Reddit users with the nickname “saas_dev”.


Is it better or worse? It depends on the players. It is known that many elements are simply ready-made assets, from which it is difficult to squeeze anything more than standard graphics. However, you can see the potential in all of this, perhaps for a more mature-kind-of title, although at the same time devoid of a very good atmosphere.

The creator himself writes that it was by no means supposed to be a better version of Overwatch, privately the player prefers a cartoon setting created by Blizzard. This is more of a showcase of possibilities, allowing you to look at a slightly different Overwatch.