How many new characters and maps would Overwatch have had by now if Blizzard hadn’t stopped releasing them?

At some point, Blizzard simply stopped releasing new heroes and new, full-fledged maps.

One of the things that kept the players spirited up waiting for Overwatch 2 was the fact that the second installment would be rich with new characters and maps. There was a lot of talk about 5-10 new characters that could appear.

Two years ago it all sounded great, the addition of new characters and maps. After several dozen months, the community shows what it would look like if the idea of creating OW2 was not born in the minds of developers.

How much new content could be there?

One of the YouTubers with the nickname “Master Ian Gamer” recorded a material in which he shows how many characters and maps would have been released so far if Blizzard had kept to its standard schedule. There would be 6 new heroes after Echo’s premiere.

Players should have also received 7 new maps.

What’s more, the YouTuber was tempted to calculate how many characters and maps would be released by the release of Overwatch 2. Of course, the date is not confirmed, but he assumed that the most optimistic vision in his opinion is January 1, 2023 (it has still not been confirmed that Overwatch 2 will come out in 2023).

Then players, since Echo, would not get 6, but 9 new characters and 11 new maps. Is this ground-breaking news that will change the way you think about Overwatch? Definitely not, but it definitely makes us realize what we’re missing on.

Regardless of whether the decision to create Overwatch 2 was the right one or not, it’s not going to be unusual to release 5-10 new characters for the premiere at this point. Blizzard would have released about the same number of them had it not suddenly stopped adding significant news.

Blizzard’s vision was to go back to what it used to be – that is, instead of releasing characters one by one, everything will be thrown in at the same time for a breath of fresh air. And it is not unusual. Riot (the creators of LoL) revealed about a year ago that just releasing new characters is no longer as exciting for players as it once was. That’s why League of Legends players experience months when little is happening, and then suddenly characters and events appear, one after another.