Genji receives the third skin for Overwatch for Winter Wonderland. Skin presentation

Blizzard has unveiled the third skin that will be coming to Overwatch as part of the upcoming event.

The Overwatch community was convinced that the Orissa and D.Va skins would be the last to be released by Blizzard just before the event. The players came to such conclusions based on the announcement in which these two heroes appeared.

And yet, Blizzard decided to use the last few dozen hours to the maximum and presented the third skin. It is not known if this is the last skin that will be revealed before the event, but it is possible.

New skin for Genji

As for the skin, it is very distinctive, it has many ice motifs, it would be difficult to confuse it with any other season of the year.


Let us remind you that the event will start probably at 2 PM ET. So far, we have skins for: