Blizzard unveils the first Winter Wonderland skin in Overwatch. It is for D.Va

Traditionally, Blizzard started showing skins several dozen hours before the event.

Showing skins before an event is, in a way, a tradition that still evokes a lot of emotions. Many people prefer to experience complete surprise, while Blizzard itself publishes short presentations of skins beforehand.

Of course, this is related to the desire to gain publicity just before the event, today skins in OW are not so important anymore, but Blizzard does not intend to change its strategy.

The first skin for the Winter Wonderland

Yesterday, the community speculated that, since D.Va and Oris are visible on the announcement, it is likely that these characters will receive new cosmetic items among others. And it turned out to be true. Yesterday evening Blizzard published a skin preview for D.Va.


The skin is very classic and although nice, it did not cause any emotions.

So far, there is more talk about DDOS that prevents playing normally.