New skin for Orisa from Overwatch for Winter Wonderland. It was actually a reindeer

Blizzard at a rather unusual time has published a preview of the second skin, this time for Orisa.

Winter Wonderland begins tomorrow evening. As a standard, Blizzard started showing skins. The first one was for D.Va. Now it’s time for Orisa. Interestingly, the reindeer theory was correct.

This is exactly the theme that Blizzard chose.

Orisa’s new skin

The previews of these skins are the same all the time. This is a short preview of what the skin is to look like.


The Winter Wonderland event is now available for download, and if you’re going to play tomorrow, it’s definitely worth doing. Recently, Activision Blizzard has been struggling with DDOS, so it’s worth downloading everything beforehand.