One of the Minecraft players shared a clip where he flies with the elytra through an amazing track

A clip that depicts one player flying through a track built for elytra.

Minecraft fans have many ways to make their building interesting for some reason. In the past, it was relatively popular to ride a minecart on a track, which was enclosed in such a way as to present a story or just something nice. Now the more popular tool that allows you to do pretty much the same thing is elytra.

There have been clips in the past where you could watch a soaring character, but what one player created is really impressive. It is worth looking at the view that comes to the one who comes down through the huge tunnel.

Tunnel for elytra

A user with the nickname mandyone shared a short clip where you can see how he traverses the previously built tunnel with the help of elytra.


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According to the commentators, the transitions between individual sections deserve special attention, as they are incredibly smooth. The whole thing perfectly reflects the atmosphere of each stage of Minecraft. In the Nether, you can take a look at known biomes, and the end shows the main island where players fight the dragon.