Minecraft has just experienced the scariest week in the history of the game. Disabled servers to protect players

Minecraft was exposed to attacks for several days. Hackers did virtually whatever they wanted. Many servers have been turned off to protect the community.

Minecraft has had an incredibly big problem in recent days. A very serious flaw has been discovered that allows not so much to steal accounts as to hack players’ computers. Mojang himself had to comment on this and announced that they were issuing an emergency patch. In addition, articles on how to protect yourself against hackers appeared on the official website.

What happened that the official account had to inform players, especially server owners, that they were in danger?

Serious security flaw in Minecraft

While this has been known for some time, the exploit known as “log4shell” went public in early December this year. Typing a specific command made players crash the entire Minecraft. Then it turned out that this was just the beginning.

Hackers quickly realized that they were able to execute code on players’ computers logged in to specific servers. The matter was very serious, because while some people trolled with messages and, for example, running a calculator for people, many people were genuinely stealing data from computers.

As a result, the largest servers stopped working. They were not turned off by hackers, but the owners. All this so as not to expose your players to the loss of accounts or sensitive data. The situation was at its peak around December 10th.

There is a message on the official Minecraft website stating security issues. Mojang advised on how to protect yourself in relation to the potential danger. It was on December 10, 2021.

Until today, that is after more than a week, it is not known how many accounts have suffered on it and how many players have lost their data.

Everyone was advised to give up playing Minecraft for a few days.