A block that has been in Minecraft for 6 days. It was Mojang’s mishap that no one was to see

Mojang has had quite a few mishaps in the past, some quite mild, others memorable.

Real OG players will surely know that there used to be a very weird block in Minecraft that the new version of was used by virtually everyone.

It didn’t look amazing, but that’s mainly because Mojang didn’t want this block to exist in Minecraft at all. They had a new version prepared, which was included after 6 days.

Only more experienced players will remember

What is this unusual blue block? More will be suggested in the next beta photo, namely version 1.9 Pre-release:

The shape should tell most people that this is what the portal to End used to look like. Exactly such blocks were then replaced by those that everyone knows.

Today it is the block that has the title of being for the shortest amount of time in the game in its history. Mojang simply replaced it quickly. In total, it’s been there for less than a week.