Wukong has dominated the professional scene in LoL. The most popular tournament hero

Wukong turned out to be the most frequently chosen character by the pros this season.

League of Legends players can choose from 161 characters with Nilah released a few weeks ago. While they usually play with different heroes, the pros tend to focus on the meta and team compositions.

Wukong turned out to be the best in the summer split of the regional competition. He was the most frequently chosen and banned champion.

The most frequently chosen character by pros

A few days ago, on August 14, the next stage of regional tournaments in the four most important regions ended. For this reason, it’s worth mentioning who the best players in the world have banned or picked the most. It turns out that this is not a hard-to-balance Zeri. The best character, according to the statistics collected from all games, is a banana fan – Wukong.

This summer alone, he has been selected over 1,356 times in all tournaments. Additionally, he was banned in 1343 games. This means that he was either picked or banned in 85% of the games, which is a huge result and shows that the pros really wanted him.

It is hardly surprising, however. In so many games, the character achieved a win rate of 58%. No other character has managed to do this. Pyke and Sivir (57%) were close (counting over 100 games). He owes this to his basic health regeneration, which, combined with the passive, made him a real beast. Riot nerfed this in patch 12.14, but it wasn’t enough.