Wit’s End has received changes on LoL test servers. What does the item do after the corrections?

AD heroes will lose against mages once again? How do the fixes of one of the most popular items look like?

League of Legends regularly receives updates in which Riot Games tries to keep the game in the balance. Both too strong and too weak elements, such as heroes or items, are affected by necessary corrections, which will ultimately translate into their effectiveness.

It is not uncommon that the community does not understand or even disagrees with the changes proposed by designers. What is the situation with Wit’s End – an item that allows champions who focus on physical damage to defend themselves from mages?

How will Wit’s End change?

At the very beginning, it’s worth taking a look at the statistics. The website allows you to view the pick and win rates for items that can be built in League of Legends. Compared to other legendary items, Wit’s End fares really well. Its popularity reaches 3.9%, which places it in 13th position compared to others. The win rate is 58%, which is the next high position in the ranking.

The item provides some magic resistance, attack speed, and AD, and its passive ability – Fray – provides additional magic damage and additional movement speed with each attack. This makes the item great for shooters who have to deal with mages.

A user with the nickname Rasincar shared a screenshot that compares the condition of the item from the test servers with its current stats from the live server – the item will provide slightly less magic resistance and will receive a slightly improved build path. The total cost, however, does not change.

The item now provides 40 magic resistances, down from 50. To better reflect this in the build path, the developers have changed the Negatron Cloak to a cheaper and giving much less resistance Null-Magic Mantle. In addition, Long Sword has been replaced by the Pickaxe.

Players are unhappy with these changes, and some even joked that after all Magic Resist items have been nerfed, they will need to protect themselves from mages in the base. Fans complain about the lack of alternatives to the item. There are relatively few positions in LoL for Physical Damage champs to defend against magic damage.

A subject frequently cited in this type of discussion is the Maw of Malmortius. Item, which was once relatively popular, is now hardly ever seen at all. Commentators are also disappointed that the Negatron Cloak is disappearing from more and more item-building paths. Interestingly, Riot Phreak – League of Legends Community Coordinator also commented on this topic.

To be honest, they should think about making the Negatron Cloak just a bit smaller, as was the case with the Giant Belt. It has started to fit much more builds and is currently something like “I’m an AP bruiser and can buy a Giant’s Belt, which then I will surely turn into some meaningful item.”

I’d like to see all the Magic Resist items built with the Negatron Cloak with this item on a slightly different scale. Offensive items can be built with the Null-Magic Mantle.

At the moment, it’s hard to say what Riot will ultimately do. The changes have only just entered the test servers and it is not yet certain that they will also be released on live servers. Nevertheless, the situation of offensive magic resist items does not satisfy players and designers will sooner or later have to do something about it.