Why has the premiere of a new character for LoL been delayed? Leakers on the reasons for Riot’s decision

The new character should slowly appear in LoL, but apart from leaks, virtually nothing is known about it.

Currently, there are several leaks online about the future of LoL, upcoming skins, events, and of course characters. What were many players talking about a few days ago?

The most emotional was, of course, the information about the new character, potentially called Bel’Veth. And although it is probable, it still has no confirmation. Later, leakers reported that a mini-event was coming to LoL, which would run from April 28 to May 28.

All this was to be ended with a release of a new character, but apparently, it will not happen. All because this was supposedly delayed.

Bel’Veth will appear later for some reason?

Among the leakers, the new heroine is called “Bel’Veth”. This is stated with full conviction, so we will use this name for a while. This heroine, a void jungler, was supposed to be released in patch 12.8. Now people searching through the game files report that this will not happen.

“BigBadBear_”, who has been right in a long time, writes outright that the jungler was delayed for some reason.

Then adds that there are basically two reasons:

  • Riot wanted Bel’Veth to fit more into the Roadmap.
  • Bel’Veth will play a role in the next event.

Others point out that it must be the Roadmap and previous delays. After all, Zeri and Renata were to be released in 2021. Of course, it’s still just anecdotal theories and speculations, but Vex has actually been delayed, so things like this do happen.

The only question is what kind of delays we are talking about. Will it be a matter of days, weeks, or months? It all depends on the reason, but it’s very possible that Riot just wants to keep all characters evenly spaced.