Why are some LoL players afraid that their favorite character will get a Victorious skin?

How is it that part of the League of Legends community doesn’t want their favorite hero to get a skin at the end of the season?

It would seem that every LoL player wants their beloved character to get as many cosmetic additions as possible. One might even venture that the rarer and more valuable the skins, the better. In practice, however, it turns out that this is not quite true.

Leaving aside the financial issue, there are other reasons why a certain group of players does not want their favorite character to get a skin. Why is this the case?

Fear of Victorious skins

In the past, League of Legends players have repeatedly raised the issue of cosmetic add-ons, which are unique in that their availability is severely limited. This raises the issue of a business model that benefits from FOMO (Fear of missing out), that is, the fear of missing out on something important, such as a skin for a favorite hero that can never be unlocked again.

As you know, many LoL fans have their beloved champions, for which they collect all cosmetic additions – it’s not just about skins, but also icons, frames, or emoticons. There can be no shortage of level 7 mastery and often a nickname referring to their favorite. Such people often fear that for some reason they will miss on an addition for their main, and thus their collection will be incomplete forever.

How does this relate to Victorious skins? Every player knows that getting older Victorious skins is impossible – if someone missed out on Jarvan, Janna, Elise or Morgana, for example, they just have to get over it and see an empty spot in their collection forever more.

While it is still possible to live with the idea that you missed a skin that came out years ago and perhaps some fans had not heard of League of Legends at all at that time, the vision of a wasted opportunity is very painful. And we are talking about both the skins and the chromas that come with them.

One player brought up the topic and noted that the current system of ranking achievement awards is causing a lot of stress for a certain group of League fans.

It’s getting closer to end of the season and that means Victorious skin, and Honor 5 skin. I’m excited to see them, but as usual I’m afraid a champ I like might get the Victorious skin. I hate the fact they give limited chromas and those who collect stuff won’t have all of them.

I mean, most League players are casual players, and they don’t reach challenger. And if you have the unluck of your main getting a Victorious skin, RIP your collection. They really should try something else not tied to the champion so players don’t be sad about it.

The player continued, saying that this is particularly unfair to people who have devoted a lot of money and commitment to getting cosmetics to a particular character.

Most of the time the players who get all chromas from both queues don’t even care/play that champion, while most of the time the player that buy all skins, chromas, icons and stuff for that champion won’t get those chromas ever, feels like a slap on the face for that main.

Here the question arises – can anything be done about it? Most players can’t imagine rewards other than a free skin for getting Gold or a higher division. Introducing general rewards, such as a themed emoticon, would not satisfy a huge part of the community.

In the past, fans have suggested a solution along the lines of a Victory skin token – one such token would be given for each season after getting Gold. With it, you would be able to unlock any skin from the series.

For some, such a solution is interesting and they would probably be happy to get Victorious Janna or Elise. Unfortunately, this type of approach is not ideal – probably people who have been playing for 10 years would feel a bit cheated, because the oldest Victorious skins would strongly lose their value because of this.