Interest in LoL events has dropped? “They are kind of boring”. – players write

LoL players believe that new events differ only in names.

Riot has been creating ongoing events of various kinds for players for several years now, events that can drag on for weeks. During this time you can perform prepared missions and earn interesting rewards. In addition, for those who want to increase their pool of rewards and missions, everything is available in an upgraded version thanks to the pass.

And it is at this point that a problem begins to emerge. The community says that everyone has become accustomed to the “events”, which have already become a regularity and a chance to get free skins. There is nothing special about it anymore.

Events are getting boring

New interesting game modes, skill-building missions, satisfying rewards, and a nice time with friends. Sadly, this description does not apply to League of Legends. When it comes to Riot’s production, players have become so accustomed to the regularity of all events that they don’t even pay attention to them anymore.

This is how players on Reddit describe the new LoL events. They also believe that most of the events besides Star Guardian could be called the same, as these differ only in their graphic design. Developers don’t add new gameplay modes as they used to, and mass-produce events to match new skin lines. In addition, fans also pay attention to the name of the tokens.

As an example, I went to check the name of the current token, It’s called “steel valkyries 2022 token”. That’s the name of the skin line, the date, and the object type. It’s insane that they have an entire art department trying to tell a story with this skin line and the name of the thing you use to buy the skin exclusive to the event looks like it came out of a spreadsheet- but this is just the standard nowadays.

Some compare these events to those in Fortnite. Epic Games holds them for its players once in a while, usually a few months, and they make a huge spectacle with map changes, animations, and more.

This, on the other hand, is not what the LoL community is concerned about. However, they point out that they should be held much less frequently and with more attractions to make them special. At this point, many people don’t even buy passes anymore and don’t pay attention to what’s going on in the client.