Who will receive fixes in the upcoming 12.22b update? LoL developers share plans

Riot talks about the upcoming patch 12.22b. What will be changed and what do the developers want to achieve?

Pre-season update 12.22 has hit the servers, in which really a lot has changed. It’s natural that such big changes are accompanied by a disruption in the balance of gameplay, so Riot actively tracked how heroes and items were doing right after the patch was released.

Already, the developers have shared a list of champions and items that will be mentioned in the upcoming update 12.22b.

Patch 12.22b

Champions’ buffs

  • Ivern
  • Kindred
  • Amumu
  • Maokai
  • Rammus
  • Shaco
Shaco’s monster mod is restored, buffing besieged Tanks or champs with specific JG optimizations (Kindred, Ivern).

Items’ buffs

  • Jak’Sho
  • Radiant Virtue
  • Rod of Ages

Tank Mythics aren’t intended to always be rushed. eg. Radiant Virtue, Jak’Sho (which are good 2nd)

Tank item philosophy: It’s intended that players can flexibly purchase Mythics 1st/2nd depending on the game. Sometimes it’s right to buy Sunfire -> Mythic and sometimes Mythic -> Something else.

However, we want to keep it as an option if you want to do so. We’ll waiting to assess the balance of all the items in the tank system with more games and then reshape individual champs accordingly (eg. if they need more/less waveclear, how much waveclear pets should give, etc.)

Item’s nerfs

  • Ravenous Hydra