Who will get DRX skins – Worlds 2022 winners? Who gets the prestige version, new skins

What is known about the winning DRX skins? Who will receive them, what are the graphics, and how do the skins look in the game?

The winners of each Worlds tournament have the opportunity to select heroes, who will then receive skins corresponding to the team that managed to win the championship. In 2022, the Worlds was won by DRX, and shortly after that it was possible to find out which champions the players had selected.

Although it was known about 5 heroes – Aatrox, Kindred, Akali, Caitlyn, and Ashe – one more character appeared – Maokai. What exactly do the skins look like, who will receive the prestige version, and what does the splash art look like?

DRX team skins

In the collective graphic, which shows the group skins, you can find all the champions mentioned above.

The prestige version of the skin, on the other hand, will go to Aatrox.

Riot also showed how the characters with the new skins will look during gameplay.

Players who comment on the new skins and new cosmetic elements really liked them. Among other things, fans pay attention to Maokai and his sapling or the series’ color scheme. The planned release of the skins falls on patch 13.11.