What is this trailer starring Jinx? So many theories ended up in disappointment

There has been a lot of talk in recent days about Jinx and the material that for some reason was tied to Arcane. What was that about?

After Arcane, Riot uses the recognition of Caitlyn or Jinx, placing them in various announcements. Exactly such an announcement appeared on social media a few days ago.


It looks interesting, one might wonder if this is a trailer related to Arcane. Unfortunately, we are talking about Wild Rift, and more specifically about the phone.

What is this ad?

This is another Oppo promotional campaign that releases a phone with League of Legends themes. The device comes in the Jinx’s “rocket”.

Maybe it’s cool, because in the set with the phone there are a lot of items related mainly to Jinx, but the announcement only concerns Oppo, it does not herald anything else.

A pity, because there was potential for something else. The situation shows, however, that the emotions after Arcane still have not burned out and players would like to see something related to the series.