A theoretically simple action in which 4 LoL players decide to dive. Something went wrong

The quintessence of typical bronze in League of Legends? Failed dives.

Diving under enemy towers is nothing new, and the mechanic has been around since the beginning of the game. Of course, its effectiveness depends not only on our characters but also on skills, as well as many other important factors.

There are many recordings of great actions and successful dives on the Internet. This often happens in high divisions where players know very well how turrets work.

Something went wrong here

There’s an element in League of Legends that keeps players from continuing to fight on the lines. We are talking about towers that deal really huge damage, especially in the first few minutes of the game, when the characters are weak.

Of course, they are not able to stop players from taking down enemies hugging the turrets. We are talking especially about bot, which is often visited by the middle lane champions and the jungler. As such, diving into a tower is normal and in most cases effective. However, sometimes there are situations like the one presented by Redditor Myrith99.


As we can see, Leona started the attack by interrupting Braum’s return to the base, who, seeing the situation develop, decided to desert the battlefield and leave Ashe alone. For his misfortune, and fortunately for the female warrior (it is worth paying attention to how well she played), his plans were thwarted and she, ultimately sacrificing the fugitive, got 4 eliminations.