LoL patch 11.24b – Who gets nerfs and who gets buffs? We know the plans for the next update

What is the announcement of the changes coming to the game in the upcoming update?

The end of 2021 is slowly approaching. So it’s time to unveil the plans for the upcoming League of Legends update that will complete patches for this year. As always, everything is presented in the form of a list. So far, only general information has been provided about who will get nerfs and buffs.

According to the schedule, 10 heroes will be affected by the balance changes – five will be buffed and five weakened. Additionally, two runes will be balanced.

The buffs and nerfs for patch 11.24b

RiotPhlox has published the buffs and nerfs listed below. He also wrote a few words of explanation. Rioter announced that Update 11.24b will be the last of this year and will mainly focus on what was wanted to improve before Christmas. Of course, these are not the only balance changes planned by the developers.
We’ve definitely got more changes on our radar than the ones in this patch, but those will be for 12.1 next year.

Champions’ buffs

  • Gwen,
  • Olaf,
  • Kai’Sa,
  • Varus,
  • Pyke.

Champions’ nerfs

  • Dr Mundo,
  • Kassadin,
  • Lux,
  • Vayne,
  • Talon (jungle).

System buff

  • Glacial Augment

System nerf

  • First Strike