LoL players are furious at Riot because they had secretly reset progress on the latest pass

The LoL community does not hide its dissatisfaction. There has been a lot of nasty comments criticizing Riot.

There is currently a Debonair event taking place in League of Legends. On this occasion, new skins have been added to the game, including the Prestige Debonair Brand. Players can purchase a pass that will give them access to new missions and will allow them to get more tokens, which they can then exchange, among others. for Prestige Points, chromas, and icons for Debonair skins or event orbs.

LoL passes have been a hot topic lately. Riot has reworked this system many times because – as the creators claim – they wanted to adapt it to the needs of players. Unfortunately, the effects were the opposite, as many fans complained that it was getting worse from pass to pass and that the game was slowly turning into a second job.

When it comes to the current event, the creators completely gave up the old solutions and introduced a new form of acquiring tokens. Now the missions are based on points earned for playing time. The number of points earned for other modes such as TFT and bots has also been changed. Soon after the introduction of the new system, there were many critical comments.

After a few days, the topic returned, and according to the community – it’s even worse. The players are furious because they found out about the secret backstage reset in the event.

More problems with the Debonair pass

There were some issues with the pass and the progress of many players were reversed. It was noted, among others, on Reddit, where there were various entries on this topic. One of the players wrote:

Many criticizing or ridiculing comments appeared under the post. Players who did not purchase a pass laugh at those who spent money on the “scam”. You can read a lot of ironic statements:

Do not worry. Riot seriously respects your time.

Riot wants to value our time investment in the game… By making our time investment in the game meaningless.

Niektórzy gracze są zdenerwowani tak bardzo, że nie hamują się w słowach i dość dosadnie wyzywają twórców.

It takes a whole fu***ng day to do one milestone, I grinded all of yesterday for this, such fu***ng bullshit

I used to buy every event pass. When I read the opinions about this one I was sceptical, but I decided I’ll see for myself.

Well, it sucks. This is the first time I genuinely regret giving them my money. No matter how many improvements they’ll do in the future, I won’t buy another one, as with this change they’ve shown their true faces.

The above community statements are just a few examples out of hundreds of comments. It’s hard to say whether Riot will pay attention to players’ complaints.