What happens when Olaf makes a mistake and is convinced that he is playing Tryndamere? Exactly that

One of the players boasted a video showing Olaf feeling a real bloodlust.

In League of Legends, there is a group of characters that are associated with the fact that when they go berserk and find themselves in the middle of a fight, such a situation usually ends with killing at least a few enemies and sometimes even eliminating the entire team.

These types of characters are associated with the “kill mode” not only because of their gameplay but also lore. A good example is Renekton, who is called the Butcher of the Sands for a reason. This champion is driven by a real fury and an overwhelming madness.

Another example is Olaf, a berserker known for his unstoppable strength and brutality. He is the hero of this article. What was the action like, during which he felt a real desire to kill?

The real wrath of a berserker

A player with the nickname BleachOrder posted a video showing the action in the top lane. From the very beginning, you can see three members of the red team and Olaf from the blue team.

The author titled the video “Olaf but he thinks he is Tryndamere”. From this name, it can be concluded that the player has fallen into a killing frenzy and has apparently found himself immortal. Was he really like that?


As you can see, speeding Olaf is a real killing machine. The player not only managed to get 3 kills on his own, but he was literally on the verge of death every now and then. Nevertheless, he came out of the whole action alive. It is also worth noting that this was not a game in which the red team was far behind. At the moment of the fight, the blue team was losing in kills 26 to 38.

Players joked that in the clip, Olaf showed the real berserker rage. It is worth noting that the hero has a passive of the same name, which consists of:

Olaf gains Attack Speed based on his missing Health.

Commentators pointed out that Olaf with low health is something that really scares them.

There are few things scarier than an olaf with 2%hp. One of them is olaf with 1%hp.