Twitch party with girls shaking their asses reminds of the stupidest ban from LoL

On Twitch, it has recently become very loud about the event that was organized by Envy, and more specifically one of the streamers belonging to the organization.

Twitch and its regulations have changed very often recently. The interpretation of these regulations by the platform moderators changes even more often. Some behaviors are allowed, while a few years or even months ago it was possible to get a permanent ban for them.

One of the internet creators pointed it out and focused on an event organized by one of the streamers. Recall that, in theory, Twitch bans broadcasts that are characterized by adult content.

And once Twitch banned a LoL streamer for…

Jake Lucky, one of the YouTubers working on esports, mentioned on his Twitter about the party organized by the streamer. In short, it was an event that clearly had the characteristics of adult content.

Youtuber writes that seeing this, he thinks of a ban that one of the C9 members got for certain activities with the Ahri statuette (more on that below):

Girls shaking their asses, sticking out for the camera – something like this a few months or years ago would not have went by without a ban:


Are you curious what one of the stupidest, if not the stupidest, Twitch ban related to LoL looked like? Streamer has been banned for:


And you might think the whole thing would end up with reminding ourselves of stupid bans, but no – the streamer who hosted this event said attacking her was sexism.


A whole, extensive discussion about Twitch’s regulations, its enforcement, and the current state of the platform started. In short, a day like any other.