There will be a new tier of skins in League of Legends. What do the latest leaks say?

Leakers have revealed that a brand new tier of skins – Legendary+ – will be added to LoL.

There are currently quite a lot of over 1,300 different skins in LoL, which are divided into various categories – epic, legendary, ultimate, prestige, and more. Each tier tells you the price of the skin, but also how much the skin changes in the game itself. Leaving aside the really old legendaries, it’s safe to say that the Legendary and Ultimate categories change the most, including new lines of dialogue, a different dance, additional in-game effects, heavily altered backtracking animation, and so on.

It turns out that Riot wants to introduce a new tier of skins, which would be between the most expensive ones, which is precisely between Legendary and Super Skins. This information was given through the latest leaks. What can be learned from them?

Legendary+ skins in League of Legends

Big Bad Bear, a well-known leaker in the LoL community, has reported that there have been mentions of a new skin tier in the game – Legendary+, which is expected to hit the store in 2023. According to him, this fits with past leaks about skins that were expected to cost 2,400 RP.

It is worth recalling how such skins were discussed about a year ago:

A new tier of skins is coming, which will cost about 2200~2600 RP. The skin will meet all the requirements for a legendary skin and have additional effects, such as new sounds or animations when killing or capturing a game objective.

This is the list of skin tiers that can currently be purchased in the store:

  • Classic – 520 RP (and exceptions for 390 RP and 460 RP).
  • Deluxe – 750 RP
  • Standard – 975 RP
  • Epic – 1375 RP
  • Legendary – 1820 RP
  • Ultimate – 3250 RP (except Gun Goddess Miss Fortune – 2775 RP).

It’s hard to say more, as it should not be forgotten that the information presented above is leaks and speculation, not something Riot has actually confirmed. Some League of Legends fans are really excited about the news that there will be a new tier of skins and are already assuring that they will buy them if these are released for their favorite characters.

It is said that the new tier will enter around the summer event, which is often the biggest event of the year.