The reason why Riot hasn’t released the Arcane Viktor skin? The creators of LoL want to wait until…

There is an interesting and sensible theory among players as to why Viktor did not receive his Arcane skin.

Viktor is absolutely one of the most important people in the Arcane series. Therefore, many people were surprised that the character did not receive a skin. There are a lot of different concepts and skin proposals for this hero on the web.

Players are convinced that Riot has specifically released Arcane Viktor, which, according to the theory, would not be released until the second season, potentially in 2023 at the earliest.

Did Riot postpone the premiere of the Arcan Viktor skin for a reason?

This theory is written by a Reddit user with the nickname “R0man009”, according to which Viktor will receive a skin, but only in the 2nd season of Arcane. This makes a lot of sense, as other users also confirm. Of course, at the moment it is just a theory that cannot be tested in any way at the moment.

It can be similar in case of other characters from the series, for example with Heimerdinger, Ekko, or Singed. Virtually all of these heroes were told they should get their Arcane-inspired cosmetic items.

Why wait so long? Obviously due to the bigger hype. At this point, Riot knows perfectly well that the series obviously affects the popularity of the characters, increases their pickrate, and people are more likely to buy skins for Jinx or Caitlyn.

Unfortunately, it will take a long time to do so, Riot has officially confirmed that Season 2 will not appear in 2022, so theoretically the closest date is January 2023.